Playing Dwarf on Tabletop Simulator

This is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computers. Tabletop Simulator is a virtual boardgaming system with many thousands of games (“mods”) available.

Get a Steam account and install the client software (free)

Go to and “Install Steam”.

Get Tabletop Simulator (commercial)

From your Steam client, click on “Store”, then search for “Tabletop Simulator” and buy it. (If you have three friends who also want a copy, it’s cheaper to buy a 4-pack; you can’t do this if you already own it. It’s on special offer, around half price, three or four times a year.) Download and install.

It’s worth doing the in-game tutorial to get the hang of how things work.

Get the Dwarf prototype (free)

From your Steam client, go to Games and Tabletop Simulator. Scroll down to “Explore the Workshop”, and search for Dwarf; or go directly to Select “Subscribe” and the Dwarf mod will be downloaded to your local copy of Tabletop Simulator.

Play the game

Run Tabletop Simulator, and select Create (either a single player game or a server for other people to join you); then within the main client select Games, Workshop, Dwarf. Shuffle each deck of cards (mouse over it and tap “R”) before you start playing.